Projects |realised with Customers

In all aspects of textile production, we make our knowledge available and find solutions for their needs. This takes place usually in joint project work. In the following we present some completed projects


Target: development and production of control hardware and software for flat knitting machines

Procedure: Analyses of machine components; Determinig the necessary parameters of controlling; Definition of requirements for electronic components; Search for developers and suppliers; Creating time and cost plan for development and production;

Target: Monitoring the quality from global producers of fashionable textile goods to improve product quality and delivery reliability

Procedure: Analysis and summary of measures in use of QA; Identification of sources of error in use; Suggestions for optimizing the QA processes;

Target: detecting single knitware-tubes in carrying-boxes for quantity-control, parts-indentification and manufacturing-control;

Procedure: finding RFID-tacks, which can be used in the production of seamless-tubes (thermic and mechanical stress); methods for fit to knitware; establishing milestones in manufacturing for registration; testing of mobil and stationary detection-techniques; availability of real-time data in the ERP-system

Target: expansion of in-house software for the creation of rough-planning data;

Procedure: audit; interface-definition; data-transfer; definition of processes; relationships and evaluations;

Target: paperless communication between supplier, producer and customer;

Procedure: interface definitions with suppliers and customers; installation of the infrastructure;

Target: introduction of coordinate-based warehouse management-system

Procedure: using mobile-barcodereaders; stockground with adresslabel; packing unit with standard barcodelabels

Target: conversion sewing-manufacturing from line-control to group-control

Procedure: regrouping of jobs in sewing; new carrier-boxes; amended attendance-papers; modified style-constructionplan;

Target: order related work instruction by machine; human detection; record of machine dead times and their causes;

Procedure: interface development for existing types of machine to detect the dead time; infrastructure (connection to machine, processing terminal, printer...); analysis programs; integration into ERP;